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Where Should I Mail Your Upgraded Appraisal Kit?

What Can't Be Sold?

Here are some common things customers ask about that can’t be sold…

  • No costume jewelry.
  • No silver plated items.
  • No loose gemstones or pearls.  I do buy diamonds, but not other stones.
  • No pennies.  Wheat pennies just don’t have enough value.
  • No watches.
  • Watches must be made of gold or silver.  If it says “base metal” or “stainless steel” on the back, then it can’t be sold.

Watch the short video here on the Magnet Test.  This will help you quickly eliminate items that can’t be sold.

Is It Really This Easy?

Yes, it is!  I’ve been a Precious Metal Dealer since 2008.  Here are the answers to some common questions…

  • Where Are You Located?
    • Cleveland Ohio
    • I only operate within the United States.
    • You will always be working with ME, Dave, through this process.  Not some random company overseas.
  • I’m Not Comfortable Giving Out My Bank Information.
    • No problem.  That’s not the best way to transfer money anyway. It’s kind of slow!
    • PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App – these are all linked to your email or cell phone, so no bank info is required and the transfer happens within minutes!
    • I can always mail you a check if you prefer. 
    • You have lots of options on how you are paid.
  • Is It Safe To Send My Valuable Jewelry In The Mail?
    • This is a valid concern!  I’ve been sending jewelry through the mail like this since 2008.  It is very easy to say that I know how to do it safely and securely!
    • Every shipment is automatically insured for up to $500.  If you believe what you are sending is worth more than that, just text or email me before you send it out and I’ll get extra insurance applied.

What My Customers Are Saying...

"I requested the kit, and it came very fast. I sent in a bunch of old jewelry that I would never use again and my daughter did not want. In less than one week, I had the response from my package. much more than I expected too. I'm very impressed with the fast turn around and ease of use. very professional and friendly. would tell everyone if you have old jewelry items that you no longer want, give this a try. you will NOT be disappointed. Thank you again!"
"Awesome company. They are very reputable. Easy way to make some money and get rid of all the old jewelry you no longer need."
"I recieved my check yesterday. I will be recommending your services to others. Thank you."
"Honest - fair - trust worthy."
"Just received my email. Was pleased with the outcome"
"Recommend this service- very easy to communicate with and treats you decently/personally!"
"I loved the fact that Dave at Stay at Home Gold, took the time to explain to me what and how the gold was processed and priced once it got to his company. Everything he said made sense and he followed through on everything he told me. I also like the fact that this company made it easy for me to get cash for some of the jewelry I will never wear. All in all, a great experience and needed company. I will be using them again."
"I was absolutely please with my outcome dealing with Dave absolutely fabulous I would recommend him to anybody thank you"
"I had a great experience working with Dave at Stay At Home Gold! Fast service, reliable, helpful, and an honest estimate."
"thank you Dave it was a pleasure !"
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